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Light, air and greenery. The architectural trinity which makes a space vital and pleasant and brings peace and tranquility to the user. In order to create this atmosphere, we incorporated a 16 meter long patio in this office project, crossing through the entire space. Above the patio, a skylight which brings light and air into the office. Plants are coming from the floor up, and from planters on the edges of the skylight down. All rooms are facing the patio divided by a rhythm of pivot partitions. At the back, the patio is dividing between the conference room and the CEO’s room so they both have the patio view from the inside of the room. At the front, the patio becomes narrow until it almost vanishes into the space. At the center of the patio there’s an aisle. Without glass, one can touch and smell the greenery while crossing from one side of the corridor to the other. The raw and natural materials are merely the neutral background for the greenery and light, allowing minimalism to boost the holy trinity. View more View full description
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