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As an ephemeral space, the approach was to design a project as simple as possible and to take full advantage of the space’s potential. Besides that, the project makes use of few materials and coatings, in order to reduce costs and attend to the reduced deadline. The idea was to create a space within the space. A suspended object inserted inside the existing space. It marks the room’s new occupation and maintains its original characteristics at the same time. The new wooden structure makes room for a countertop, a bench and shelves. The structure and its modules distinguish the different uses inside the space. The installation also has a strong graphic design, as it repeats the floor’s pattern on all the furniture’s top surfaces and as the mirror on the ceiling repeats it. Cada uso é demarcado através dos intervalos na estrutura. Além disso, ao repetir o desenho do piso em todas as faces superiores do mobiliário, propõe-se uma brincadeira com o reflexo no teto espelhado e cria-se uma instalação com forte linguagem gráfica. View more View full description
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