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Deciding what is essential in a given programme for a given place should be the primary objective of every single architecture project – and nothing else. This may be even more valid when a public building is concerned, as it involves a strong and vibrant interaction with the city as “work in progress”. The building should be as simple as possible, playing a distinctive role as catalyst and support for artistic activities and events, and contributing to social interaction. It should have a clear, strong but discreet presence and image in the city, conveying information about its own content that can be read at different levels. As Simple as Possible The limestone platform open to the public ensures a spatial continuity with the city and a material homogeneity with the surroundings. Slightly suspended above it lie the parallelepiped volumes of the building, covered with white matt glass. This double skin – concrete/glass – was the only “luxury” we indulged in, for it works as a medium and allows mutations in the building exterior – of color, light, image… on the inside, the possibility of communication. View more View full description
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