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Soochow University was founded in 1900 by the Protestant Council of Supervisors. Law School of Soochow University was founded after the Law Department founding in 1915. Then in 2000, Kenneth Wang, who graduated from the Law School and used to teach here, returned to his Alma mater Soochow University. His son Charles Wang donated to support the reconstruction of the Law School and organized an architectural design competition for the law School projec, which was only open to Chinese architects. t. Feng Zhenggong, nowthe National Master of Survey and Design, led the team and won the first prize with the theme of "Greeting a Century-old Campus, Blending into a thousand-year-old city". Kenneth Wang School of Law is located at the southern end of the center of Soochow University. The identity of missionary school determined the architectural layout and style of the former Soochow University which was the open central lawn with the clear axial symmetry and the classical architectural form. How to integrate into the solemn and spacious site environment of the original site became the initial problem when the new building intervened the site. View more View full description
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