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Cubes is located on a plot of land with an area of 5015 square meters in Shamsabad Industrial Park, 5 km away from Imam Khomeini International Airport in the south of Tehran. Most of the buildings in the park are aesthetically lacking metal structures. Therefore, designing a concrete building with broken surfaces emerged as a bold way of breaking up this visual uniformity. Since the function of this complex was to be the production and maintenance of abrasive stone, from the outset the client insisted on a building design that visually conveyed emotion to the viewer in accordance with the use of the building. Due to the similarity of the surface of abrasive stone and concrete in terms of color and texture, concrete naturally arose as the main material of the project. The client requested two large warehouses, of the same width but different lengths, that could be accessed from outside, as well as a separate office building with easy access to them. Consequently, the warehouses were situated along the length of the plot and the office building near the entrance in an L-shaped form to accommodate the different lengths of the warehouses. View more View full description
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