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Shaping the future begins with education. For VMDO Principal Rob Winstead, learning spaces go hand in hand with sustainability. As a nationally-recognized expert in education, Winstead is an advocate for blending thoughtful design with high performance goals. In an exclusive interview with ArchDaily, Winstead talks about his personal background and experiences, as well as his role in shaping how VMDO approaches sustainability, education and social justice. Why did you choose to study architecture? As a military kid, I lived overseas and was fortunate to visit many of the great cities of Europe in my formative years. I’m confident that had a significant influence. Further, my mom always said that I work equally on both sides of the brain – right and left, creative and analytic. Architecture is a profession that allows my mind to play in both those modes. But in the end, I chose to study architecture because I wanted to make a difference, and design was the skill set I had to offer. View more View full description
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