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Designed by ODA, Innovation QNS is a neighborhood-focused initiative, in Western Queens, that generates two acres of open space, community health & wellness facilities, hundreds of affordable apartments, and thousands of jobs. Located on a site currently occupied by large surface parking lots, underutilized buildings, and vacant spaces, the imagined master plan will help jumpstart Astoria’s economy and revitalize Steinway Street in New York. Building on Astoria’s rich cultural fabric including its existing cultural assets like the Museum of Moving Image and Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, Innovation QNS will “create both near- and long-term economic opportunity in Astoria, Queens by channeling $2 billion in private investment toward the creation of a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use creative district in a largely dormant corner of the community”. Planned from the ground up with the public realm as the key priority, the mixed-use district will address many of the needs of the community such as open space, enhanced streetscapes, arts and culture programming, and lifetime learning opportunities, mixed-income housing, and commercial space for innovation companies. View more View full description
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