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This project is to renovate a villa which has first basement and four floors and loft above ground. In the existing state, the staircase and the elevator were fixed in the corner, and the vertical relationship was completely separated. Therefore, we aimed to strength the relationship between the upper and lower floors, that is, the relationship of the family spent here. First, we defined the staircase which takes charge of vertical movement as a symbolic existence, then moved it near the center of the floor and designed a spiral staircase with a strong centripetal force so that it could be seen from anywhere on each floor. Next, in order to absorb more day light and strengthen the relationship between the upper and lower floors, the slab on the second floor was partially removed, and a staircase was designed along the living room. That of the northern garden part was also removed and created a sunken garden, bringing plenty of daylight to the basement. View more View full description
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