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S*Park is an eco-friendly urban agrihood community development on an entire city block in Denver, Colorado. An incubator for sustainable living, it maximizes the use of sunlight and green spaces, provides density and variety in living spaces, and savings on energy bills. The overarching concept was to remove the car from the site (moving to park underground) and allow a space for urban farming, a shared communal park space, and a planted stormwater retention system among the residential buildings. The goal was to create an outdoor space that would serve both community and ecological functions. Sunlight was a driving force in the master planning of the S*Park site. The sun’s interaction with the site motivated the decision to open the south end of the block to urban farming and an outdoor green space that can be inhabited year-round. Adjacent to the ground level urban garden is a 7,000 sq.-ft.  second-story greenhouse, which captures enough natural light to grow microgreens without the use of artificial grow lights. This low energy, high tech glass building has a strong presence that anchors the corner of the site. View more View full description
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