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The design of the new roof of the Travettore stadium creates a covered space with a few targeted gestures, inserting itself in a balance between the context and the playing field and acting as a hinge between the two. The stands, currently located on a slope of the ground, are located along the long side of the football field. The new roof is a single linear horizontal element made of metal beams forming a coffered ceiling suspended between sky and earth. The structure is supported by two concrete bearing walls orthogonal to each other oriented so as to accommodate the spectators and direct them to view the field. The bare structure becomes architecture and the beauty of the work is given by the rigorous form. The lighting, concealed in the canopy, is designed to emphasize the voids of the coffered ceiling and gives a sense of lightness to the structure. In order to protect the lights, a metal grid of the same dark color as the structure was placed. View more View full description
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