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Feeling free and safe in the city. How many times have we felt fully free when walking through our neighbourhood, when returning home, when sitting in the park? Some urban spaces give us more autonomy than others. Some areas seem more comfortable and calm. But, to keep that calm, to what extent do we express ourselves and to what extent do we hold back? What safeguards do we take to feel as good as possible when inhabiting our environment? Beyond the clear differences in the quality of life of each country and city, in particular, we have formed a false idea of the citizen that is truly free. Because although it is opposed to our nature, we have all followed certain fashions and behaviours –diverging our essence– so as not to enter the danger zone. The danger of not belonging, danger of being left out. The survival of the fittest governs us and forces us to adapt and to approach an ideal assumption that apparently keeps us safe and that gives us better options to prosper. View more View full description
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