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Laying remotely within Lebanon’s most arid and historical nature-scape, Villa Chams embraces its surrounding’s identity from the flora to the Roman temples, and presents itself as a melodically elemental story teller. At a distant glance, this one shelled structure grounds itself horizontally, while respectfully blending in with the mindfully preserved rocks, opunita, olive trees and other flora on a backdrop of distant mountains. Upon a more intimate inspection, sporadically equidistant walls and columns orchestrate a rhythmic flow on a rudimentary grid, creating both introverted spaces and open extensions.  The pool is floored with rough terrazzo, mixed with native mineral aggregates, which emits a grounding effect and massages the feet. Flowing like a river through concrete columns, the water comes to a gentle rest by bordering rocks that lead to a view of neighboring plants, distant mountains and sky. View more View full description
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