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Casa Ballena is an art center designed for a Mexican artist who was looking to create a studio for Mexican and international artists, immersing them in the most unique experience in Los Cabos. Its design emanates from excavation and earthmoving, taking advantage of the topography in order to play with different heights and create a natural buffer that allows both the control and direction of the views, as well as the creation of a private and internal experience. The earth that was removed to set the platforms, was reused to build the rammed earth walls.  This art center offers three workshops, an exhibition space, several multi-purpose patios, administrative area, dining and living halls, warehouses and a 7,000m2 natural area that shelters the native vegetation of the region. The building system is rammed earth, a material that brings character to buildings through its textures, also creates a micro-weather necessary for the climatic conditions in Los Cabos and acoustically isolates the workshops. View more View full description
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