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This project is the transformation of a 1930’s warehouse into a modern, multi-faceted residence and working space.  In collaborating with the owners’ vision for space as a center for creative conversation, community, and the arts, the new architectural design facilitates the convergence of various programs while serving the needs of the family.  With the intent to preserve the industrial character of the existing warehouse, Natoma works to compose a rich experience of light, material, and functionality. To overcome the light and air flow challenges common to many urban infill sites, the design introduces a series of conceptual vertical voids into the building to allow for natural light to reach the bottom levels.  A four-story interior atrium descends throughout the building, gaining access to air and light atypical of many other lots in the neighborhood.  Mounted on the four-story wall of the atrium is a 40' long steel sculpture. This sculpture visually connects all four floors through large windows and openings onto the atrium.  Decks create additional opportunities for light on the top levels. View more View full description
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