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The new Saanersloch gondola lift in Gstaad is a static masterpiece – and with its specially designed and unique all-glass facade by Glas Marte, it has also reached the top of the world. White expanses, crunching snow under your skis, wind in your hair, flying downhill on your snowboard. It can only mean one thing: Winterland! Safely at the bottom, happy as a clam, you can barely wait to be lifted into the air again and onto the next run. And even better if it’s in a very special kind of cable car. The new Saanenmöser-Saanerslochgrat gondola lift in Gstaad is not only the first D-Line gondola lift in Switzerland, but also the first in the world whose stations have a glass panoramic construction. A stand-out feature that offers perspectives far and wide, it can be retrofitted with LED technology to further add to its architectural aesthetic, thus offering a broad range of marketing opportunities. View more View full description
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