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Situated in Luster in the western part of Norway on a small plateau overlooking the beautiful Jostedalen glacier, Tungestølen comprises a constellation of pentagonal tourist cabins designed by Snøhetta for Luster Turlag, a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association. Designed as an architectural reaction to the changing weather conditions of this mountainous site, the distinct cabins offer visitors a comfortable and generous shelter during the summer and autumn months when the cabin is open to the public. On Christmas Day 2011 the original Tungestølen Tourist Cabin, which had served as an important destination for avowed glacier hikers for more than a century, was completely devastated by the cyclone Dagmar that swept over Norway and neighboring countries. Determined to replace the old cabin, Luster Turlag (a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association) and the small local village of Veitastrond, mobilized to collect funds for the rebuild and initiated an international architectural competition that Snøhetta won in 2015. View more View full description
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