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The project was developed at Povo, on the outskirts of Leiria, Portugal. An area where rocky elements are predominant in the landscape, limestone lands, irregular topographies and sharp contrasts. This unique geological context immediately gave architects a conceptual starting point that is both dreamlike and romantic without losing the connection to what is the physical and intrinsic reality of this place. Thus arises the idea of ​​a cave, an austere carved and denticulated refuge that is humanized by its occupants. This premise is a look and a tribute to the beginnings of humanity and its symbiotic relationship with the environment it inhabits, it contains in itself the paradox of the perennial and harsh stone that becomes a natural and maternal refuge. Amidst a diverse landscape, which is characterized by being apparent and empirically inhospitable, there appears in an act of volumetric courage a cave built and idealized entirely in concrete. This detached house carefully balances the game between the glimpse of the surrounding pine forest and the privacy of its residents. The project is marked by a multiplicity of circuits that order spaces with harmony and simplicity through a central element: light, which interacts breaking the primitive elements and the sinuous lines with subtlety. View more View full description
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