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Medium is important communication tool in the history of business. Attributed with the character of the era, it changes our way of receiving information and further helps us to develop our mind and behavior. In this project, we hope to take the interior as a medium  to deliver the messages from the spirit of Holiland, and to moderate a casual and in-deepth converstation, in a more emotional way, between the brand and the public. From past, present to future, humans keep exploring the world of food in multiple perspectives, which stimulate continuous iteration and breakthrough in food industry; while the development of the industry and technology brings great possibility to food and our life. Such symbioatic relationship became the inspiration of the concept design. The designer abstructed elements from the complexity of post-industrial age to create interesting spaces with mechanical aesthetics. With contemporary mainstream media, the designer demonstrate the spirit of exploring and the brand new idea of bakery in the core of this brand, and delivered to its customoers from the new generation. View more View full description
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