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For SPO Utrecht, we have designed an energy-neutral primary school for special education at the Winklerlaan in Utrecht. In the green space in which the school located, we have placed two volumes, robust in materialization, soft in shape, and light in color. The two programmatic volumes (education and gym) can be distinguished by their materialisation but are linked by the entrance and the playroom. The masonry of the façade is divided into rims, the middle of which works at the entrance as a canopy and thus forms the connection between the two volumes. The rounded corners soften the building and connect the various outdoor spaces in a smooth manner. The program consists of 15 group rooms, a technical room, 2 gyms, offices for ambulatory care, and additional supporting spaces. The school is specifically designed for Special Education Cluster 2. Overview for student and teacher is of great importance here. Each group room has its own toilet and an additional workplace as a shelter zone. Each cluster of four group rooms has its own learning area adjacent to the central patio. The patio literally forms a resting point in the building. Here you can isolate yourself from the rest as a pupil or teacher. The patio provides daylight on the learning squares and connects the different clusters spatially and visually. View more View full description
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