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The project is located in Chandigarh.  Chandigarh is a city designed by le Corbusier located 250km North of Delhi. The city was the first major master planning endeavor in independent India and is a symbol of modernism for the country. The site is located in sector 27, which is a part of the first phase of the city. This part of the city often referred to as Corbusian Chandigarh embodies the principles of CIAM of living, working, care of body & spirit and circulation. The site is a corner plot located on the internal sector road (V4 & V5). The site had zoning regulations with a setback on all 4 sides. To design a house for a multi generation family of 6 members. The family comprised of a couple in their late forties, their parents well into the seventies and 2 children in their teens. Also, an area for domestic help was required. The concept of the project is an attempt to metamorphose eastern spatial planning & western aesthetics. The overall concept was devised as a free plan with overlapping spaces & inter-connecting volumes. These interconnected volumes allow for a complete interaction between the two levels, a conclusion drawn from a close analysis of the family setups of multi-generational Indian families. View more View full description
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