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Smart homes, the Internet of Things, and contactless technology have become an indelible part of the architecture and interior design industries, with automated lighting, smart HVAC units, and speakers like Alexa or Google Home becoming a principal part of the modern upper middle class home. As new devices and competing systems are continually released, we list some of the most popular home technologies developed by Lutron, alongside tips for how to integrate and choose among them. As is demonstrated by its increasing integration into our daily lives, the smart home industry has grown steadily since its conception, a rate that is only expected to increase as some of the world’s largest technology companies develop their own smart home products. According to Berg Insight, for example, in 2018, the installed base of North American smart home systems increased by 49.7 percent to reach 135.4 million by the year’s end. Between 2018 and 2023, the market was expected to grow further at a compound annual growth rate of 17.3%, reaching $49.5 billion in yearly revenues by the end of the forecasted period. View more View full description
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