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The site is located in Kariya Aichi in Japan, and there are many automobile-related companies in the city. The area around the site was set as a semi-industrial area, and many old factories and many houses were mixed. We plan a house that adapts to a town with a mixture of large and small scales. Surrounded by a large parking lot from east to southwest of the site, there are many people and large vehicles coming and going. It is owned by a company, and it seems that large buildings such as factories will be built in the future. For that reason, we felt a sense of risk and discomfort in the way of building with a specific surface as the main facade. It seemed more appropriate to face the scales of the mixed towns, rather than specifically adjusting to the neighboring environment. First, four walls are arranged in the center of the site so as to correspond to the four boundaries, and the same facade and square plane are designed. The long and large walls, excluding the elements of factories and houses, are positioned as the material that connects the large scale around and the scale of a small house. Furthermore, by arranging the four walls at an angle with the corresponding boundary line and offsetting them slightly, we planned a margin to accommodate future changes in the surrounding environment. View more View full description
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