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It is difficult to find someone who has never dreamed of building or having a tree house to call their own. The idea of a refuge, a space fully integrated with nature and with a privileged view, pleases almost all ages. There are examples of tree houses of all scales and complexities, from small elevated platforms to highly complex structures, including electrical and hydraulic installations. Some sites specializing in the topic (yes, that exists!), offer valuable tips for building these dreams. In general, they subscribe to the motto: "Choose your tree, make your project, but be ready to adapt it!" This approach is essential because - unlike what we have seen in the industrialization of civil construction and in the evolution of BuildTech technology in architecture, where all stages and processes are predictable and controlled - when working with a living being, which moves, grows, and adapts, many certainties cease to be certain. Although there are no strict laws or rules for this, when building a safe and resistant tree house, some important considerations must thus be taken into account. View more View full description
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