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The Wooden Cave is a project by Tenon Architecture, that was designed and built by the architects Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos at the Hyades Mountain Resort in Trikala Korinthias, Greece, and was completed in 2020. The project entails the complete renovation of an existing space of the resort, intended for commercial use, with the construction of a curved wooden structure within it. The synthesis of the space is based on the idea of dividing the plan into two zones: the main room, which is made up of a continuous curved wooden structure, and the secondary spaces, which are oriented towards the view and covered in dark stone. This division intends to create a clear distinction between the hard, “protective” shell and the curved, “inviting” interior, reminiscent of the form of a cave that has been used as a refuge and a haven throughout human existence. The guestroom of the inner zone includes two sleeping areas integrated within the curved structure as well as an open-plan kitchen. The outer zone includes two secondary rooms:  a sitting area with a fireplace and the bathroom of the main guestroom.  View more View full description
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