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The project is in the context of a new urban area in the industrial park and port, with a massive construction process of factories and existing residential areas. The rapid and unbalanced development of industrial architecture is accompanied by a lack of cultural identity and public space for people. The project is located on 10,000m2 land, with multiple functions, such as public area, eating area, leisure area, and playground for children ... Instead of approaching architecture with steel structures, industrial-heavy forms, and modularity of urban context. We approached architecture with craft, rough, and emotions. The idea of a village with roofs has created images that remind the familiarity of traditional culture but still bring contemporary and interesting creation. The layout is blocks of houses with different functions and the structure of blocks is surrounding a courtyard. The arrangement of blocks in different directions has created interesting views. This layout creates a combination of typical structures: sloping-tile roofs, columns, half-empty, and half-full walls, which are familiar structures of Vietnamese traditional architecture with simple construction methods and saving cost. View more View full description
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