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The brief - As typologies of cafés become more than just an eatery, and transforming into art galleries, co-working and gathering spaces develop around the world – the design brief of Modernist Coffee was to cleverly unite various concepts. Using the brand’s idea of ‘Spaces, People and Coffee’ to intermingle and flow into each other, the café was to be conceived as a modern crossroads where coffee culture seamlessly merged with art and public life. The idea - By taking the client brief forward, and pushing the boundaries of what a “new café typology “means- we evolved fresh ideas about how the café, art and performance spaces could coexist and thrive. We decided to create seamless partitions, infinity water body and green terraces to expand the experience of just having a cup of coffee. The design intent - Part of The Crossboundaries rapidly evolving signature style, this café was approached with a fresh outlook on materials, textures and meaning of art. By using materials in their raw, true form, as well as exhibiting the properties of ageing and distress on them, we intended to create a unique experience of savoring coffee. An open bar and service counter was envisioned, to give a free-flowing customer and barista relationship. View more View full description
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