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3XN has recently won the competition to design the new office building Kvarter 15/ District 15 in Östra Hagastaden, Stockholm. Modern and flexible, the project will be linked to Stockholm's northern city gate, connecting the motorway, the city, and the public park, Hagaparken. The winning proposal designed by 3XN puts in place an office building that stands out from its surroundings but also blends with the urban fabric of the area. In fact, 3XN introduces a contemporary take on the classic shape of the adjacent buildings. On another hand, the design team uses the dominant material palette in the context, featuring bricks and earthy tones. Much more than a separate structure, the proposal creates a catalyst to revitalize the area through “carefully incorporated site lines, cafes, restaurants, and shops”. Including an elevated pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, the project links the old "quarry" to the public Hagaparken park and lake Brunnsviken. In addition to this connection, the new building acts as a noise and pollution barrier for the park, protecting the green space from the nearby highway. View more View full description
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