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Architecture is rooted in tectonics and craft. Few offices know this better than Hufft, an architecture, interior design and fabrication studio with offices in Kansas City and Bentonville. Founded on the belief that input from builders and fabricators adds value and creates better experiences, the studio's multi-disciplinary team now includes over 50 people. In an interview with ArchDaily, Principal Matthew Hufft discusses the firms values and what it means to build today. Hufft began in February of 2005 with co-owners, Jesse and Matthew Hufft, and residential commissions in both New York and the Midwest. Then in early 2008, the fabrication division became a part of the Hufft brand. From its roots in residential design, the practice has now built a portfolio of commercial, institutional and hospitality work. Bringing designers and builders together into one seamless team, they are working to create each space and object with the same level of care and detail. View more View full description
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