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Did you know that World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated in the second week of May? Every year around this date, festivals, educational events, exhibitions, and excursions are organized to celebrate and raise awareness about the conservation of migratory birds. These species have seen their habitats transformed during the last few decades in part because of human action: designers and real estate agents have built and nurtured an urban imaginary dominated by glass structures as a symbol of power and progress. Before proceeding with the conquest of the sky, it is worth considering some materials that are more friendly to the species with which we cohabitate. Millions of birds die each year from collision The problem is very simple: birds cannot see glass as a solid object, but only recognize what is reflected in it. Whether it is a tree or a piece of the sky, they do not identify the obstacle as a danger and as a result collide with it, with the risk of dying. Academics estimate that, in the United States alone, between 100 million and one billion birds die yearly, while in Canada, the number is around 25 million. Although specific data is difficult to obtain, it is clear that the migration period is the most dangerous for the birds, as they find themselves in front of tall buildings in unknown territories. View more View full description
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