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Our lives are surrounded by our dreams; our time passes in the hope of having a future and turns into memories resulting in our days being filled with the joy of past memories and future hopes. The key idea of this project was inspired by the track “High Hopes” by Pink Floyd. On the other hand, the villa’s owner was very fond if the past and would enjoy reviewing the memories of the past. This interest of the contractor in the past reminded me of the track “High Hopes”, and consequently, I started designing. To turn this idea to reality, we used two separate procedures for the plan and volume, and then, mixed the results. The key idea of the plan is the main lines of the River Zayande-Roud which turn into plan and landscape, and in the end, the final plan is divided into three main streams of past, present and future. The main idea of the volume was initially inspired by a combination of mountain which is the symbol of ambition and an arch in the old style which is the symbol of Persian architecture, which means a combination of the past and the future. This core has moved alongside an axis in six phases, trying to imply that our dreams, in contrast with the past, have always surrounded our lives. View more View full description
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