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Renovated recently, Mediamatic ETEN, the restaurant of the Art Center Mediamatic in Amsterdam, has created a new safe dining experience entitled Serres Séparées, taking into account required social distancing measures. Putting in place private and intimate “quarantine” greenhouses, or chambres séparées, people can reconnect and dine outside in a safe environment. After Lithuania and the Czech Republic, Amsterdam is proposing a creative solution to awaken stagnant gastronomic businesses while ensuring social distancing measures. Mediamatic ETEN and Serres Séparées have created a safe waterside dining initiative allowing people to gather separately and safely during the pandemic. Located on the Amsterdam waterside of the Oosterdok, the setup of greenhouses generates an innovative solution to overcome the required social distancing obstacles. In fact, the imagined solution can be adapted to all the hospitality and gastronomy sectors around the world. View more View full description
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