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The Cube House is located in the fringes of Ahmedabad city far away from the urban clatters, which gives the essence of the countryside-nestled in a 9,000 sq. ft. corner property and encircled by blooming trees around its periphery, the site is also adorned by beautiful farmlands, that offers a serenity lifestyle for a family living.The 7,500 sq. ft. residence expands in three levels, comprising a double-height ground floor, a mezzanine, and two upper floors where more private spaces are provided.  The design is an extraordinary connection of various cubes. The idea was to place cubes and cuboids in a way that can generate spaces for semi-private and private spaces parallelly. The cuboids were placed one above the other perpendicularly, and this creates cubic cantilevered volumes on the outside. The residence is designed on the west side of the plot, which in turn gives the entire garden area on the eastern façade of the building. The concrete volumes were opened, exploiting every view possible towards the morning garden makes any user a spectator of this serene setting. The privacy needs of the users were kept in mind while orienting the spaces. View more View full description
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