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Architects have long explored the concept of integrating interior and exterior, smoothing out the physical and visual boundaries in an attempt to bring the landscape into the architecture. However, when visiting the site to develop the project, two distinct scenarios may appear: an urban terrain, lacking a view, or natural elements; or a green area with trees and bushes, for example. In the latter case, many projects rely on the on-site location of each tree to accommodate the architectural design, respecting them, and creating new views, through patios and connecting them with the new landscape design. However, based on studies of the species and their size, it is increasingly common for these trees to be incorporated into the interior space, either partially or completely enclosed. On the other hand, there are many projects in which, due to the lack of vegetation, professionals choose to introduce new trees combined with skylights and other design elements that help create new interior views and improve well-being. With this in mind, today we point out 17 projects that feature different solutions when incorporating trees into their interiors. Check them out below. View more View full description
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