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The site is located in the last buildable area between the town of Baza and its countryside. Separated from the rest of the city by a crowd of large urban objects - high schools, fire station, sports center, public swimming pool, hypermarket, the district is currently a mixture of vacant lots and detached houses. In this heterogeneous, unwelcoming context, casa RR is installed introspectively, reinterpreting the typology of house-patio. The future inhabitants, two adults and their daughter, seek direct contact with the outdoor spaces and an organization that allows them to find individual intimacy, according to the motto "juntos, pero no revueltos" (together, but not mixed). The traditional scheme - patio in the center as a place for living together, surrounded by more or less intimate living spaces - is transformed to understand outdoor spaces as additional "rooms" for the house which, by their position, their characteristics and their relationship to the interior, allow to be appropriate in different ways. View more View full description
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