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The new campus construction project of Shanghai University of science and technology is one of the major projects in Shanghai launched in 2012. The living area for teachers and students is located in the University of science and technology, which is an important part of the project. It provides the university with living service facilities such as accommodation, catering, leisure activities, foreign exchange, etc. The living area for teachers and students includes: Gymnasium, postgraduate dormitory, undergraduate dormitory, canteen, student center and outdoor sports ground. Among them, the student center plan is mainly designed by MRY; the canteen and some graduate dormitories are controlled by MRY in facade and shape, and Tongji Design Institute completes the facade and plane plan design; the rest gymnasiums, undergraduate dormitories, some graduate monomer and expert apartments are mainly designed by Tongji Design Institute, and the construction drawings and construction cooperation are all completed by Tongji Design Institute. View more View full description
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