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The art museum, situated in the west of Kunming City, is an important public building in the Cuifeng Ecological Park. The meaning of “Mountain & Sea” comes from its position, keeping away from the hustle and bustle of the city and appearing vividly on the mountain, as well as from its location at the north end of the Dianchi Lake system, with excellent landscape resources, and the city, water and mountains are all included in the sight. The strong site characteristics also contribute to the special art space. Utilizing the terrainThe site is about half a quarter of an hour’s drive from the foot of the mountain. Climbing here, you will see the stone forest winding and the mountain is cut into upper and lower tablelands, with a height difference of more than ten meters, seemingly steep and poetic. During exploration, you may find the platform, tea house, viewing pavilion, veranda, playing pool, etc. built by previous refined scholars, distributed from the bottom to the top of the stone forest. View more View full description
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