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Slate School is a private, independent, coeducational non-profit elementary school located on a biodiverse 25-acre site in North Haven, CT. Founded by Jennifer Staple Clark and Alexander Clark, the School provides a unique nature-based learning environment that aspires to cultivate creativity, kindness, and stewardship of the Earth, while fostering a passion for learning and discovery. The School’s founders tasked the Project Team to create a campus and buildings that embody these aspirations, integrate the beauty and richness of the School’s natural setting, and optimize the health and well-being of students and teachers. From the outset, the Design Team and the Construction Manager worked together to minimize site disturbance and preserve and enhance the site’s productive ecosystems and landscapes. The school’s small footprint – built only on previously disturbed soils – allows the remainder of the site to become a nature preserve for both local flora and fauna to thrive. A stormwater management plan improves downstream wetlands, while landscape management practices remove invasive plant and animal species, bolster native species, and create wetland enhancement areas. View more View full description
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