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For more than a century, architects have been addressing the world as a project through speculative designs in an attempt to imagine the future and reframe global issues. Globalisation, the ever-increasing interconnectedness demands action on a worldwide scale and invites a reflection on the profession's responsibilities. The latter is precisely what the book The World as an Architectural Project achieves, through a compilation of world-scale speculative projects of the past century, making a compelling case for the agency of architecture. The volume, published this year at the MIT Press, is the result of a six-year-long research endeavour and encompasses 50 planet-scale projects, envisioned by some of the architectural thinkers of the 20th century. The authors, Hashim Sarkis, Roi Salgueiro Barrio and Gabriel Kozlowski, explain the scope of their research in the book's prologue, arguing that "in order to introduce propositions about the planet, architecture had to reconsider and expand its own methodological store". View more View full description
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