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The site is located in the growing suburb of Dabouq to the north of Amman, renowned for its wealth of native oaks. It is a single family house built on a total site area of 1,981sq meters. The project endeavors to create a dialogue between topography and architecture by its formal and spatial response to the sloping landscape. This relationship is characterized by organizing the plan of the house around one continuous movement that creates a rectangular shape with a centralized courtyard. One side resting on the ground and the other one is entirely elevated above the slope of the site. This condition creates an open external room defined on one side by the landscape and on the other by a roof defined by the suspended upper. Accordingly, the house complements its natural setting, with its spatial interim forming a sinuous movement with the topography. Moreover, its shape becomes a conduit for the prevailing winds that are allowed to permeate the structure. View more View full description
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