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Architect Ana Sawaia makes an invitation to pause in her debut at Casa Cor In this project to Casa Cor, the architect Ana Sawaia offers a space to rescue the pleasure and need to stop and take a deep breath. Saleta Pausa is spread over 25 m2 in the Jockey Club of São Paulo. The lack of openness to the exterior is counterbalanced by the use of high-end and natural materials, lighting and furniture. "To live a fulfilling life is to be surrounded by practical solutions and also objects that tell us a little about who we are," says the architect. Her personal experience is also a resource for the creation of a more interesting space: an illuminated arch covered by hydraulic tiles in partnership with a Brazilian company and stamped with musical symbols. "Each one has an analogy with time. There is a pause, the 'C', which is the first note we learn, the fermata, that leaves the musician decide the pause as he wants." The music does not appear out of the blue in the story, Ana is daughter of the composer Almeida Prado. The rescue of his memories is also displayed on a panel of watercolors painted by her father on music score papers. Works of art by E. Di Cavalcanti, Leda Catunda and Katia Canton are also present in space. View more View full description
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