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The main challenge of this project was to bring to the space located in a central area of São Paulo a house feeling, where the contact with nature can be always present. For this reason, the use of natural textures and the enhancement of natural lighting were chosen and light colors that contrast with the green present in the gardens are predominant. The project performed as an experiment to apply elements of Japanese’s architecture: a light composition, use of raw materials and their own natural textures, as well as tsuboniwa  and shakkei as the landscape concept. Tsuboniwa is a common element in Japanese’s architecture since the 8th century, but over the time it got modernized. It can be read as a courtyard garden, planted enclosed a building, in this case, the apartment, something similar as a winter garden. This element was applied in the social area of the apartment, as a visual connection between the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. View more View full description
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