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The final piece of the new Morandi Bridge decking in Genoa, Italy has been put in place. Designed by Renzo Piano, the structure is being built to address the tragic collapse of the original bridge that claimed 43 lives. In the aftermath of the disaster, Piano offered to donate the design of a bridge to replace the old one, having been deeply affected by the tragedy. The latest announcement comes from PERGENOVA, the company established to design and build the new bridge. Genoa’s mayor announced in late 2018 that Piano would lead the 200-million-euro ($230 million) project for the bridge’s replacement, inspired by the city's historic maritime prominence. The bridge will no longer carry the name “Morandi,” the architect who worked on the original reinforced concrete structure. Under Piano’s vision, the scheme will incorporate weight-bearing columns reminiscent of a ship’s bow. In honor of the victims, 43 lamps will cast a light across the bridge, shaped like ship sails. View more View full description
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