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Emerging in busy urban context, the project strives to convey the modern tropical sensory experience. The program of the house is distributed in 3 levels and one semi-basement. At the access ground floor, it contains a meeting room, parking spaces, machine rooms and a garden. Right at the entrance, the garden seemingly invites people to enter. This courtyard coexists and surrounds the house forming a distance from the hustling city. Open sharing spaces occupy the corner of the gargen reminding accient life style of citizens. It also serves as place for lunch time, enscosed people in the intimate tropical environment. From the courtyard, the guest can directly visit the office upstair via open staircase. To emphasize the concept of maimizing green connection, the tube and pipe railing and floor-to-celing glass are introduced. Because of fenestration with 3 faces of green space, indoor spaces still connect visually to landscape, encouraging a sense of a place. View more View full description
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