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This is a typical type of apartment in Saigon that was divided into small and separate rooms by walls. The client wants to renovate into an open space, rustic and close to nature for her, her son and a maid. As a nostalgia for the origin - a family of Northern descent to the South. Two large reinforced concrete shear walls - the main structure of the building, divide the floor into three spaces - two sleeping spaces on the sides and the living/ dining/ kitchen space in the middle, where is towards a large balcony. All three spaces have large glass facades, provide light and airflow deeper inside. The partition walls and concealed gypsum board ceiling were removed to return the feeling of clear space. The large balcony becomes a small garden - the center of the apartment. To keep the mother and son in contact with the trees and each other, two large openings were opened on the walls between the sleeping spaces and the garden. Walls, floor and ceiling has been finished by paint and terrazzo in white. In that space, we built a set of inclined structures with different steepnesses and dimensions. Depending on the angle and distance with walls, each inclined structure will create a flexible space with specific functions. View more View full description
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