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The commission involved developing a second-home on Riñihue’s lake, near the San Pedro’s River debouch, the priority was to achieve a design as careful with the landscape and environment as possible, and taking advantage of the views. A house where the big family could live with comfortable common spaces and private sectorized spaces, giving great importance to the master bedroom with its full independent character. In this way, the project is located on the land intervening as little as possible the existing vegetation, creating a large first-floor volume along the entire "lake front" leaving absolutely all its spaces with a view (except for the bathrooms 1st floor and service). Another requirement was the master bedroom, living room and home office program, that had to be completely separated from the children's and guest rooms, and this is how it appears as a volume that breaks the orthogonality of the project, breaking to generate the main access of the house, along with a double height and directing a view to the opening of the lake and the Choshuenco’s Volcano from the master bedroom. View more View full description
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