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Living in the village does not necessarily imply living as always, but it does mean understanding what it stands for. This house does not pretend to be different from what happens in its surroundings but it does propose a reflection on how a house should be in the town today, respecting tradition and reducing its energy consumption to a minimum. The starting point, a family that wants to enjoy the outdoors, their own exterior and spatial flexibility that allows them to live the entire floor together, undoing the limits of the space to be able to freely explore it. A service ground floor allows the day area to be raised to a level that avoids external noise and achieves adequate light and clarity. The house is developed around a central patio that separates the two different areas of the day zone, leaving a study and play area on the other side of the patio, also as a possible room at another time in its life. On the upper floor, the rooms reach distant views that enjoy the geographical references of the area. View more View full description
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