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Building area and land area of the project: Ground floor: 73 m2, first floor: 76 m2, total floors: 148.7 m2, and land: 500 m2. The land is located in Maklavan city in Fuman County, Gilan province, which has a pristine landscape. We could make the most of these landscapes by creating large openings and proper layout of the spaces. These openings also contribute to provide ventilation and draught, which is essential for the design in this area. Due to the dimensional limitations of the land (50 x 10), an attempt was made to establish maximum connection with the outside area while maintaining maximum privacy to the adjoining property on the east side. The project is designed to create a space for leisure. Extrovert architecture, which is one of the architectural features of Gilan province, has been implemented in all spaces of the building. The void, in addition to providing proper ventilation in the spaces while maintaining the privacy of the private and public areas, has been a great help in highlighting this extrovert architecture in the design. Regarding the dimensional limitations of the land (50 x 10) and the fact that the main view is on the south and west sides, and due to the need to maintain the view, we had to keep a distance of two meters from the west side of the land. View more View full description
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