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Due to the global pandemic, restoration works of the Notre Dame in Paris have been paused. For security reasons, all operations have been halted by French officials. While the consolidation of the cathedral was completed, the reconstruction of the spire and the roof as well as the removal of the melted scaffolding, have been interrupted. A year since the fire of Notre Dame, reconstruction works on the cathedral have been stalled for many reasons such as bureaucratic obstacles, bad weather and a high concentration of pollution inside of the church. The project and the complex building site is managed by General Jean-Louis Georgelin, appointed by the French president, with chief architect Philippe Villeneuve. With the first priority being the stability of the building, frames to support the 28 flying buttresses have been inserted, and damaged pillars have been reinforced. Supervised by the Italian architect Carlo Blasi and the French engineer Mathias Fantin, consolidation works are almost done. View more View full description
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