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‘House of the House’ is a small solo residence for a grandmother in her mid-seventies. The architect’s main concern when designing this house was that the grandmother would not feel lonely. Solitude can be very intimidating for senior citizens. First of all, this house is physically connected to the neighborhood, unlike other houses in the area, which are closed off with garages, walls and fences. The grandmother's house feels open with its welcoming walkway. Thanks to the flowers and beautiful trees alongside this path, people will regard the grandmother's house as friendly and cozy. Moreover, as she loves gardening, she will maintain her health by nurturing these flowers and trees, and being occupied in this way will prevent her from feeling lonely. The grandmother’s home feels as if it is comprised of three, differently-sized houses. This idea is called ‘house of the house’, a concept of planning suitable residential spaces while maintaining the relationships between private / public and internal / external spaces. View more View full description
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