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As Artificial Intelligence has become one of the most significant forces driving innovation and economic development, this societal transformation requires new knowledge and an additional set of skills. Just as knowing a BIM software has become a prerequisite for most architecture jobs, understanding or even knowing how to use AI-related tools would become a desirable asset, if not a requirement in the future. However, with a vast array of information available, how does one begin to venture into this topic? The following is a compilation of online resources, lectures, and courses, that could provide a better understanding of the field and how to incorporate it into the practice of architecture. Shading light on the basic concepts What does Artificial Intelligence represent, what is the difference between machine learning and deep learning? These notions might seem interchangeable and so navigating the topic could become confusing. Before diving into the actual list of resources, it is essential to have the proper use of the most common terms. View more View full description
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